Ordering Prints of Winning Photo Competition Images

Great as Christmas and Birthday Gifts!eyeconic

The following are the prices for the winning photo images. Please see information on the available images and the ordering process below.

Prints are available in 20-30cm (roughly A4), 30-40 cm (roughly A3) and 42-60 cm (roughly A2).





Promotional 3 Images (plus postage)

20 × 30 cm
(roughly A4)





30 × 40 cm
(roughly A3)





42 × 60 cm
(roughly A2)





Please note, in order not to change the original, photos may vary slightly in size.

To order prints please send an email to us at sales@reefcheckaustralia.org detailing the following information:

1. Your name and the postal address you want the prints sent to.

2. The number and title of the image as well as the size and quantities.

3. Your Payment Method - please detail whether you will be paying by cheque or making a direct deposit. Please make cheques payable to “Reef Check Foundation Ltd” and post to PO Box 404 Townsville QLD 4810. For direct deposit please make out to Reef Check Foundation, Bendigo Bank 633000 Acc # 132859927. Please ensure you include your name in the electronic transfer and inform us of the deposit and amount paid in this email.

Please note these prices only apply to orders within Australia. For orders outside Australia extra costs may be incurred.

(For larger versions of the images and more information please click here).

ScreamerScreamer (01) (Steve Rosenberg)


seahorseFound You (02) (Chris Hamilton)


gentlegiantGentle Giant (03) (Sascha Unger)

sunsetCreative Sunset (04) (Catti Butler) devourDevour Your Brother (05) (Chris Hamilton)

eyeconicEyeconic (06) (Matt Curnock) flyFly (07) (Gary Brennand)

fragileFragile World (08) (Sascha Unger)

nautilusNautilus (09) (Chris Jones) newgenerationThe New Generation Swims By (10) (Dean Cropp)

nudibranchNudibranch (11) (Damien Siviero)seranidswallowsSeranid Swallows (12) (Chris Jones)

baitTaking the Bait (13) (Justin Gilligan) whalesharkUnexpected Surprise (14) (Justin Gilligan)

reefsharkCaribbean Reef Shark (15) (Steve Rosenberg)what belowWhat's Below (16) (Chris Hamilton)

wallyWally and Me (17) Gary Brennand)sharkbayShark Bay (18) (Seanna Cronin)