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Pictures speak a thousand words

Photography Competition Entrants 2008

Photography Competition Winners 2008

Pictures speak a thousand words: Reef Check Australia and Project AWARE are pleased to announce the Winners for the International Year of the Reef 2008 photography competition. The goal of the competition was to showcase the Australian public’s ‘vision’ of the value of our coral reefs and the threats that they currently face.

Reef Check Australia Photography Winners and Runners Up
The judges were impressed by the high standard of entries to this year’s competition. The competition received a record 139 entries and several hundred votes were cast online at the Reef Check website www.reefcheckaustralia.org. All the category winners will receive 1 pair of Maui Jim sunglasses to the value of $219.95 and the overall winner will receive a fantastic 6 day, 6 night liveaboard trip to the Ribbon Reefs and Osprey Reef donated by Undersea Explorer.

Reef Check Australia Photographer of the Year 2008

Overall Winner, Steve Rosenberg: Steve was selected as the Overall Winner based on his compelling and highly original photograph entitled ‘Screamer’. This powerful image of a loggerhead turtle, mouth agape in a seeming expression of horror, perfectly captures this well-loved icon of coral reefs, at the same time reminding us that the existence of this remarkable creature is at risk. All seven species of marine turtles are considered endangered or threatened, as they are particularly vulnerable to rising marine debris such as fishing nets, and ongoing coastal development which has devastating effects on their nesting sites. For his excellent efforts, Steve will be heading off on the fantastic 6 night liveaboard trip to the Ribbon Reefs and Osprey Reef with Undersea Explorer!

Overall Second Place, Chris Hamilton: ‘Found You’, an extraordinary image of the pygmy seahorse, hippocampus bargibanti, photographed by Chris was selected as Second Place Overall. This rare photograph of the tiny seahorse, perfectly camouflaged within its gorgonian host, wonderfully illustrates one of the many intricate and fragile relationships that exist between coral reefs and their inhabitants. The value of coral reefs is visibly portrayed in this image accentuating the fact that many species will die alongside coral reefs if they are to be wiped out as predicted by the imminent threat of climate change. Chris will be enjoying a sail and dive trip courtesy of New Horizons and a choice of 2 DVDs from the Australian Natural History Unit.

Overall Third Place, Sascha Unger: Sascha’s skillful photograph of one of the giants of the sea reaching for the sea surface was selected as our Third Place Overall. This eye-opening image of the iconic manta ray sailing towards the sun shows off the beauty and diversity of life on coral reefs leaving a lasting impression. Sascha will be improving his already impressive photography skills on an Underwater Photography course with PADI and receiving 2 DVDs of his choice generously donated by the Australian Natural History Unit.

Category Winners and Runners Up

Voter’s Choice: Damien Siviero

People and the Reef
Winner: Chris Hamilton                Runner Up: Gary Brennand                       2nd Runner Up: Seanna Cronin and Roger Beeden

Creative Visions of Coral Reefs
Winner: Chris Hamilton                Runner Up: Sascha Unger                         2nd Runner Up: Roger Beedon

The Reef in Our Hands
Winner: Justin Gilligan                 Runner Up: Dean Cropp                           2nd Runner Up: Chris Jones

Animal Behaviour
Winner: Steve Rosenberg            Runner Up: Chris Jones                           2nd Runner Up: Chris Hamilton

Icons of the Reef
Winner: Sascha Unger                 Runner Up: Gary Brennand                       2nd Runners Up: Justin Gilligan and Matt Curnock

Highly Commended: Silke Baron and SteveRosenberg.

Reef Check Australia Young Photographer of the Year 2007

Overall Winner: Catti Butler

Category Winner, Animal Behaviour: Andrew Jeffries

Prints of the winning photos will be available soon online with all profits going to Reef Check Australia to help protect coral reefs!


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