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Reef Check Adventures

Reef Check Adventures is an exciting and challenging activity book, Reef Check brings to young people aged 7-12 the dazzling and diverse world of coral reefs. With over 40 pages of engaging activities and fun coral reef facts, young people will discover the mysterious and magical undersea world of color and light. Young readers will also be exposed to the importance of conservation and what they can do to ensure the survival of these ecological wonders.

This book promises hours of fun and enjoyment with educational lessons to last a lifetime!
MSRP incl. GST: $14.25 + postage
Please contact us for your copy.

School Programs

Reef Check Australia is currently developing a Schools Program to provide a range of interactive learning experiences for school students and young people in order to increase their knowledge and appreciation of the value of coral reefs to humans. The program also aims to increase their participation in the conservation of these precious natural resources.

Our School Program activities currently include courses and workshops that are completely classroom based. In the future we will roll out programs that can be carried out in an aquarium as well as in the water on snorkel or scuba for over 12 year olds.

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