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Participation - Reef Check Australia Training Program

Becoming a Reef Check volunteer is a fun way to help conserve your local reef whilst making friends within the local community and being a part of the global Reef Check network.  Once trained, you can participate in expeditions (many free-of-charge) as part of our monitoring projects. These expeditions run in Queensland from Port Douglas, Cairns, Townsville, Airlie Beach, Noosa, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Reef Check International also operates expeditions worldwide. You will gain practical experience in monitoring coral reef health, logging lots of dives and improving you underwater skills.

Reef Check Australia’s training course is the most extensive Reef Check course in the world and will set you up with the skills to become expert surveyors! Through a series of specialist modules you will learn about coral reef ecology, how to identify key organisms, the threats to coral reefs worldwide and how you can be part of the solution.

To join a Reef Check volunteer survey team you must be a qualified scuba diver to Rescue Diver standard or equivalent with a minimum of 50 logged dives, hold current senior first aid (or equivalent) and oxygen provider certificates and have your own diving equipment.

Find out about upcoming courses here.

If you need to fundraise to participate in our course we have attached some fundraising ideas for you.

Reef Check Australia Training Course

In Australia we have established an additional tier to our monitoring program to ensure a high level of data quality that closely complements government monitoring programs as well as setting high standards for dive safety.

The Reef Check Australia Training Course (see timetable) consists of 5 modules:

Module 1:
Introduction to Reef Check, Reef Check Methods overview, data entry and interpretation overview
Buoyancy and methods practice
Data entry, reporting and mapping
Module 2:
Substrate Identification training (classroom)
Substrate identification training: (practical on a coral reef x 4 dives)
Substrate identification photo test: (classroom)
Substrate identification & methods test (practical on a coral reef)
Module 3:
Invertebrate and impact training (classroom)
Invertebrate and impact photo test (classroom)
Invertebrate identification & methods test (practical on a coral reef x 2 dives)
Module 4:
Video transect methods training (classroom)
Video transect methods training and test: (practical on a coral reef x 4 dives)
Module 5:
Fish identification training (classroom)
Fish identification training practical: (practical on a coral reef x 2 dives)
Fish identification photo test (classroom)
Fish identification test and Fish survey method practice: (practical on a coral reef x 2 dives)

Reef Check Australia Trainers are scuba instructors with extensive coral reef experience. Our training program is run as a PADI, SDI or NAUI specialty course through Reef Check Australia HQ-endorsed projects.

To register your interest in any of our courses please email support@reefcheckaustralia•org.

If you have further questions, please refer to our FAQ before contacting us.

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