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Reef Check Australia

School Programs

What is your Reef IQ?

Reef Check Australia is currently developing a Schools Program to provide a range of interactive learning experiences for school students and young people in order to increase their knowledge and appreciation of the value of coral reefs to humans. The program also aims to increase their participation in the conservation of these precious natural resources.

Our School Program activities currently include courses that are completely classroom based. In the future we will roll out programs that can be carried out in an aquarium as well as in the water on snorkel or scuba for over 12 year olds.

Classroom Programs

There are two separate courses:

1. Coral Reefs & Sustainability

This course links the sustainability of coral reefs to the sustainability of our cities. The development of this course has been supported by Townsville City Council’s Creek to Coral Program.

2. Classroom Monitoring for Management

This course teaches young people how to conduct simulated surveys of real coral reefs in the classroom using Reef Check’s survey methods.

As future caretakers of the natural environment we believe it is essential to give young people the skills and knowledge to manage the environment sustainably and claim stewardship over their local natural resources.

Get Involved!

Pilot workshops are now underway for courses aimed at Years 4-7 with the
actual school program being launched in the new 2009 school year. Any
schools or teachers who are interested in piloting the program before then
should contact us at education@reefcheckaustralia•org.

Get Wet!

We have been working with St Leonards School in Melbourne who take students to Fiji each year to monitor the health of some of their coral reefs. If your school is interested in teaching your students to monitor the health of their coral reefs please contact us at education@reefcheckaustralia•org.

A "mock transect" in Fiji for St Leonards students to practice their Reef Check transect methods before getting in the water.


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