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Reef Check Australia

Training & Educational Opportunities

We believe that the general community has the power to make a significant contribution towards the sustainable use of our planet’s resources through active participation in conservation as well as through making lifestyle decisions that affect our impact on the natural environment.

Through our education and training programs we aim to instill an ethic of stewardship towards the natural world by increasing community understanding of our reliance on coral reefs as resources. Reef Check is committed to providing education and training to members of the general public to enable them to actively participate in coral reef monitoring and related conservation activities.

You can get involved at any level from school curricula activities through our Reef IQ program, participate in Reef Check EcoAction monitoring to learn about and help us to keep track on which species are present at your local coral reef, or join our Reef Check Monitoring Team and learn how to collect important information about coral reef health from sites around Australia.

Once you have joined our monitoring team there are opportunities for scuba dive professionals to help us to lead teams by volunteering as a Team Divemaster or to help with running our training programs as a Reef Check Trainer. There are also opportunities for marine science graduates to lead the surveys by volunteering as a Team Scientist. Ultimately we aim to expand our coordinator and trainer network through Australia.

The diagram below illustrates the Reef Check Australia participation ladder.

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