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What is EcoAction?

As our global coral reefs face environmental crisis there is increasing need to educate everyone about this fantastic ecosystem, the threats they face and provide opportunities for active participation in conservation. The EcoAction program has been designed to directly involve both the local community and tourists in coral reef conservation, monitoring and management by providing a high quality range of ecotourism materials developed by Reef Check scientists.

The EcoAction program provides a range of interactive educational experiences that will stimulate active participation in coral reef conservation activities, empower tourists to collect reef health data, generate revenues to support established Reef Check projects here and around the world, and provide the means for future monitoring teams to self finance wherever there are existing hotels and dive shops.

Why should I get involved?

Whatever your age or experience level there is an EcoAction product for you. Each product has been designed by Reef Check scientists to give you a deeper knowledge and understanding of the coral reef ecosystem. As a result, your diving and snorkeling experiences will be greatly enhanced.

As you progress through the EcoAction program, you will have the opportunity to participate in valuable data collection. By submitting your data online, you will be directly contributing to Reef Check’s global coral reef conservation programs and assisting Reef Check in tracking the health of Australia’s coral reefs. Proceeds from the sale of EcoAction products will be used to support local coral reef conservation efforts.

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How will offering EcoAction products benefit my business?

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by purchasing one of the following interactive educational books.

Reef Check underwater guideThe Underwater Reef Guide: indo-pacific

The Underwater Reef Guide will enhance your diving and snorkeling experience. It can be used by anyone with a desire to increase their knowledge and understanding of the fascinating coral reef fish, invertebrates, corals and algae that comprise the Indo-Pacific coral reef ecosystem. Developed by Reef Check scientists, the waterproof Reef Guide contains photographs and information on 50 organisms specifically chosen for their regional abundance as well as their important role in the ecosystem allowing you to identify them. The attached reusable slate allows you to record what you see and by submitting your data online you will be assisting the Reef Check scientists in tracking global coral reef health and contributing to our global coral reef status reports.

MSRP incl. GST $37.95 + postage

Buy EcoAction products online or purchase from one of our supporters near you:

Adrenalin Dive
Pleasure Divers
Reef HQ
SunSea Cruises
Downunder Dive
Spirit of Freedom
Port Douglas
Undersea Explorer

Reef Check underwater guide

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How can we become an EcoAction Facility?

How can I take things further?

In 2008 Reef Check Australia will offer the following courses that have been designed to increase your knowledge about the coral reef ecosystem and scientific monitoring techniques.

Discover Reef Check (coming soon!)

By taking the EcoDiver Reef Monitoring course you will become certified to join Reef Check survey teams around the globe and take an active role in conserving the world’s coral reefs. This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to conduct full scale reef surveys. In this program you will learn all about the globally standardized Reef Check methodology as well as how to identify key indicator fish, invertebrates and substrates selected by Reef Check for global monitoring and conservation of coral reefs. You will take away an EcoMonitoring Pack that include a waterproof field guide for indicator organisms, a Reef Check training manual on CD with global indicator species and full outline, and a 40 minute Reef Check training DVD with easy-to-follow protocols contained within a black pocketed folio.

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How can we become an EcoAction Training Facility?

Join Reef Check Australia’s coral reef monitoring community

Become part of the coral reef monitoring community in Australia by taking specialist course modules that will go into even greater depth.  Specialties on offer include substrate survey training, invertebrate survey training, fish survey training and underwater digital imaging.  From here you can become an EcoDiver team leader or team scientist (depending on experience), and from there continue your professional development as a Reef Check Area Coordinator or Trainer.

Please note:  The EcoDiver Reef Monitoring course will provide you with a global Reef Check certification card and is ideal for participants who are intending to participate in surveys outside Australia.   Australian residents who want to participate in the survey program in Australia are advised to complete the modular Reef Check Australia training courses which are run at by our coordinators in several locations in Australia.  Please contact support@reefcheckaustralia •org for more details.

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