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Reef Check Australia


Our vision at Reef Check Australia is the promotion of healthy coral reefs throughout the Australia and Indo-Pacific regions.

Core Values:

  • Raising awareness of the value and sustainability of coral reefs.
  • Improving management of coral reefs in Australia and the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Empowering local communities in the conservation of their own reefs.
  • Maximising stakeholder benefits with minimal cost.
  • Acting with professionalism and integrity at all times.

Mission Statement:

To promote healthy local coral reefs through scientific research, community education and marine conservation.


  • The production of select coral reef data that is of the highest standardised quality and valued by scientists and marine managers.
  • The establishment of alternative reef monitoring programs that are accessible to a wider range of the population and yet still produce valuable data.
  • The establishment of a coral reef health database for Australia and the Indo-Pacific region that is integrated into the global Reef Check network.
  • For the majority of Australian adults and children to understand the importance of coral reefs and be able to tell you what they can do to help protect them.
  • Development and implementation of cutting edge training programs to enhance the value of the data collected by volunteers.
  • Quality marine-based education programs for local communities.
  • Meaningful participation by local communities in the promotion and maintenance of coral reefs through Reef Check Australia programs or use of the database.
  • Promotion of the sustainable use of coral reefs through partnerships with governments, researchers, businesses and community groups.
  • Raising public awareness of the economic, ecological and social value of coral reefs.
  • Promotion of the Reef Check Australia brand.
  • Financial sustainability of Reef Check Australia.

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